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Coverage Campaign: Rex


“The "Coverage" campaign produced the best test results since P&G acquired the brand 28 years ago.”

Coverage Campaign: Cherry 



Trojan: Covered



Trojan Charge: Frau



Smirnoff Ice Campaign: Saw 



Born Free



Wellness Face Lick



Charmin: Out of the forest


I can be credited with getting the Charmin Bears out of the forest and into 3D.



I was brought in to art direct this existing campaign.

Coverage Campaign: Mrs. Wagner



Coverage Campaign: Donkey



Trojan: Big Date



Pure Ecstacy: Feels like nothings there.



Smirnoff Ice Campaign: Crush


Duracell Campaign: Birth

This campaign produced Duracell's best test scores ever.


Wellness Purr



Charmin: Casting Call



Zantac: Fire


I helped create the premise of this campaign.

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